Is God in Your Worship?

I will come to you and bless you in every place where I cause My name to be remembered. – Exodus 20:24b


It seems that one of the reasons God gave the people of Israel the ritual of regular sacrifices was to ensure that He would be remembered everywhere they went. He knew that if the people worshiped Him, then they would most likely not forget Him. Immediately after He instituted this regular practice of worship, God then said something very important.

“I will come to you and bless you in every place where I cause My name to be remembered.”

Here is the principle: Where God is worshiped, He is also remembered and where He is remembered, He also blesses. Could the reason that we do not enjoy the blessings of God be that we have forgotten Him? And have we forgotten Him because we have truly ceased to worship Him?

There is a song we used to sing that goes like this, “Let’s forget about ourselves, magnify the Lord, and worship Him,” but now the song has become, “Let’s forget about the Lord, magnify ourselves, and worship US!” God inhabits the praises of His people. We meet, we sing, we go through the motions, but we need to ask ourselves if we are truly praising HIM. Because if we are not truly praising God, we will not experience His presence and if He is absent from our worship, we will certainly never know His blessing.

A service of worship is primarily a service to God. When we realize this and act upon it, we make it a service to men. – Ralph W. Sockman

Published by Dr. David Pope

Dr. David Pope is the Founder and CEO of Pope Initiatives. ARM Solutions is a division of Pope Initiatives that exists to activate collaborative efforts for sustainable impact among the global unreached.

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