No Joke

If your eye causes you to stumble, throw it out; it is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, than, having two eyes, to be cast into hell, where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched. – Mark 9:47-48 


“Hollywood” has on many occasions made vain attempts to depict the reality of hell. Often the film industry has even sought to humorize it, making hell somehow seem enjoyable. Even churches have joined in, through Halloween alternatives, to raise the awareness of hell’s terrible truth with token scenes of horror.

Yet, what is the reality?

Unless you happen to think Jesus was a mythical being (or a liar), then the picture He painted of hell might be one to consider. According to the Messiah, the greatest and most devastating fact about hell is that it is eternal; unending days of torment, regret, lost hope, and inescapable damnation. Shouldn’t that be enough to warn us that it is a place to be avoided as well as the abode of all that stands between mankind and a Savior?

A person may choose to laugh at hell, but it is no joke. 

The national anthem of hell is, “I Did It My Way.” – Peter Kreeft

Published by Dr. David Pope

Dr. David Pope is the Founder and CEO of Pope Initiatives. ARM Solutions is a division of Pope Initiatives that exists to activate collaborative efforts for sustainable impact among the global unreached.

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