Let It Go

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt so that you would not be their slaves, and I broke the bars of your yoke and made you walk erect. – Leviticus 26:13

In His instructions to the Israelites at Mt. Sinai, God made it abundantly clear that they were never to place another member of their nation in bondage. His reason was expressly stated, “You are free.”

In his letter to the church at Rome (chapter 6), Paul wrote of our freedom as Christ-followers. We are no longer enslaved to sin, but having been purchased by Christ on Calvary, we now belong to Him. It is clear from Paul’s instruction that as we are no longer slaves of this world, we must not enslave others.

How do we enslave?

We hold grudges, harbor unforgiveness, or heap guilt. If we perceive that another person has offended us (or the offense is real and tangible), we often go to great lengths to remind the offender of his/her sin, even after he/she has expressed godly sorrow and repentance. An unfortunate outcome of such an attitude is that we may be the only one still in chains.

Whatever has occurred and no matter how hard, we must learn to let it, them, and ourselves go if we ever hope to be free.

The meek are not those who are never at all angry, for such are insensible; but those who, feeling anger, control it, and are angry only when they ought to be. Meekness excludes revenge, irritability, morbid sensitiveness, but not self-defense, or a quiet and steady maintenance of right. – Assorted Authors

Published by Dr. David Pope

Dr. David Pope is the Founder and CEO of Pope Initiatives. ARM Solutions is a division of Pope Initiatives that exists to activate collaborative efforts for sustainable impact among the global unreached.

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