Our Qualified Field Consultants

What makes ARM Solutions unique in the arena of global mission is the multi-sectored and multi-partnered approach to reaching an unreached people group. After accurately determining WHERE the global church is in reaching a UPG and understanding the ultimate goal of biblically healthy church formation and multiplication, we can chart a general path (connect the dots) between the two. A key element in accomplishing this task is the existence of qualified field consultants.

A Qualified Field Consultant with ARM Solutions is responsible for the following (as it relates to UPG languages and cultures):

Maintaining a thorough knowledge of the current situation of the church, its leaders, and the context where it exists.

Maintaining a clear picture of media needs for their UPGs.

Maintaining a general knowledge of effective strategies for reaching their UPGs.

Identifying and evaluating multiple projects that will effectively reach UPGs.

Remaining informed and communicative concerning the entire tableau of projects needed to reach their UPGs.

Current Qualified Field Consultants (QFC)*

Marc – Benin

Adama – Burkina Faso/Mali

Bamba – Cote d’Ivoire

Vivian – Egypt

Edem – Ghana/Togo

Pam – Iran/Iraq/Morocco/Turkey

James – Nigeria

Eunice – Pakistan

Spencer – Arabian Peninsula

*Only first names are given to protect the identity of those involved. If you are interested in knowing more you can contact us directly.

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